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I) Intro/Mission

We, Alma International / Beirut-Hotel.com are not only a tour operator, but also your Lebanese travel companion for your next trip to Beirut.

As a service oriented tour operator focused on Beirut and Lebanon, we will make your next visit an enduring souvenir. Whether you come to Lebanon for business or tourism, honeymoon or a longer stay, you will be pleased to let a specialist take care of all your needs for your trip.

Because we specialise only on Lebanon, we offer you the best of Beirut and Lebanon at the best rates and terms: If you are price conscious and looking for a hotel, consider our best deals offers. Or, for a truly unique experience, rent an apartment in Beirut.

Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM.

We will be happy to answer your questions or help you organise your next trip to Beirut, by phone
at -GMT +2- or -GMT +1-, by fax at or through our e-mail: Reservation@beirut-hotel.com.

To maximise enjoyment during your trip, please have a look at our Tours menu where you will find a selection of tours and excursions.


II) Service -top of page-

This is our promise: to go further in assisting you and make the best of your trip to Lebanon, or what we call "Service included".

Our philosophy relies on what we call "Service Included".

What does it mean ?

PERSONAL CHOICE: you are individuals, and each of your requests is specific. We provide you with a wide variety of different accommodation types that will cover all your specific needs, concerning location, atmosphere, personal taste and price. If you so desire, we will help you in choosing a hotel and will tailor your request around all your personal needs and desires.

QUALITY: we rely on quality rather than quantity. You call us at or at
contact us at Reservation@beirut-hotel.com. For each request we will give your reservation all his or her our attention until its completion.

PROXIMITY: We intimately know each hotel, apartment we present. We have carefully selected them as being the best representation of what Beirut and Lebanon has to offer: From a boutique hotel with a view on the Mediterranean Sea to a location in the heart of the city or in the mountains, we have a large choice of accommodations to satisfy all your requests.

ASSISTANCE: We believe craftsmen still exist. Let's make the Internet more human together. We will assist you in organizing your trip to Lebanon. By having a specialist that directly helps you in choosing your hotel, we provide the best level of service of any hotel reservation website. If you desire, we can also give you tip: about restaurants, activities or how to avoid those sometimes long lines at the touristics hotposts: we are, after all, natives!


III) How to book ? -top of page-

> Choose a hotel, an apartment on our web site. You can search using our geographical search or by category.

Your request will be processed shortly: from 1 to 8 hours if your request reaches us at night!

How to submit your request

By filling our reservation form. It is the easiest and fastest way to receive a confirmation of your request because we have the necessary information for that.

By sending us an email or calling us. You will have a quick response, but we have to wait for you to send us your full details before confirming your request.


IV) Hotels Availability -top of page-

After submitting your reservation request through our reservation form or after sending us an email, your request will be processed within few hours.

Important Notice: At this stage your request is not yet confirmed.

* If the hotel required is available, your credit card will be charged for the total amount. You will receive a confirmation email & your voucher.

* If the hotel requested is fully booked, we will suggest you by email other alternatives based on your budget and area criteria corresponding as much as possible to your initial choice
Your credit card is charged only after you accept one of our alternatives.

Hotels availability cannot be guaranteed as long as your reservation is not confirmed.


V) Payment -top of page-

We are working with hotels specially selected for you, and we have negociated extremely interesting terms for you. Indeed, the prices quoted include rebates of up to 60%, and include the stay, breakfast and all taxes in most of the hotels -Gouvernmental and Service charges taxes-.

Payment should be done by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard only) upon reservation confirmation.

Bank transfer are required for reservations exceeding a certain amount. The transfer must be received 15 days prior to your arrival date during low seasons and 45 days during high seasons.
You will be previously adviced incase a bank transfer is required.

As soon as we receive the total amount we will send you a voucher. Print that voucher out, and present it at the hotel reception as a proof of payment for your stay.

For bank transfer, please note that you have to add 30 USD on the total amount for bank expenses.


VI) Amending a confirmed reservation -top of page-

To add a room for a confirmed reservation or To lengthen your stay, please make a new reservation for the additional rooms / night(s). You may also call us or send us an email to
Reservation@beirut-hotel.com .

To shorten your stay, please call us or send us an email to Reservation@beirut-hotel.com with your new dates.
In this case, you will be charged 45 USD in addition to 5% bank fees during low season periods.


VII) Cancellation policy -top of page-

During Low seasons,

* If you cancel up to 4 days prior to your arrival date:
We reimburse you the total amount minus a 45 $ handling fee and -5% for bank fee.

* Late cancellation : 4 days or less prior to your arrival date:
In addition to the 45 $ handling fee and 5% bank fee, you will be charged for one night.

* Early Check-out : In addition to the 45 $ handling fee and 5% bank fee, you will be charged for a minimun of one night. The exact number of nights varies according to the Hotel and the season of your stay.

During High seasons,

* If you cancel up to 10 days prior to your arrival date:
We reimburse you the total amount minus a 45 $ handling fee and -5% for bank fee.

* Cancellation between 10 & 8 days prior to your arrival date:
In addition to the 45 $ handling fee and 5% bank fee, you will be charged for one night.

* Late cancellation : 7 days or less prior to your arrival date: No refund.

*Amending a confirmed reservation to less nights : No refund.

* Early Check-out : No refund.

Note:You will be advised by email for any other specific high season cancellation policy.


VIII) " No Shows " -top of page-

* In addition to the 45 $ handling fee and 5% bank fee, a minimum of 2 nights will be charged during low seasons.

* During high seasons there will be No refund.

Note: You will be advised by email for any other specific no show conditions.


IX) Prices & Seasons -top of page-

Our publised rates are per night per room valid during low seasons only.

Our low & high season rates are inclusive of taxes (service charge & VAT), our special discount & breakfast for the big mijority of the hotels.
Breakfast is excluded for a very few number of hotels. Information related to breakfast is displayed on each hotel price list.

High season periods
High season periods are during Summer & Holidays such as Eid el Fitr, Eid al Adha, Christmas, Easter, New Year etc.

The high season dates vary according to each hotel that is totally free to fix them.
For example, the summer season can start from June 01 to August 31 for some hotels or from July 01 to September 15 for others...

High season rates
During Summer & Holidays high season rates are applicable. As stated on each of our hotels price list, an extra amount is to added during these periods.

You may know the exact price of your room by sending us an email, by calling us, or by filling the reservation form.
Our reservation form calculates the rate according to your dates, whether your are coming during the high or low season.

Minimum Lenght of stay
Most of the hotels in Lebanon require a minimum length of stay during high season periods.
The minimum number of nights varies according to each hotel. You will be informed about this issue upon your reservation request.


X) Last Minute -top of page-

You are thinking about making a break in Lebanon but you have planned nothing. Thanks to our last minute service, you can secure a lodging at an last minute rate.

Basically, hotels fill empty rooms at the last minute - starting up from 2 days prior - by making them available at a discounted price. Theoretically, the later you book, the less you pay. Globally, you will save from 10% up to 40%.

The main drawback of last minute offers is that you cannot choose the exact area nor the hotel, but only what is available at last minute price at the time you book. The offers change constantly, and checking it out frequently is advisable.

Feel free to call us at -GMT +2- or -GMT +1- from 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM to discover what we have available. You can also e-mail Reservation@beirut-hotel.com.


XI) Extras -top of page-

Apart from lodgings, we will provide a wide range of travel packages, tours and services to cover all the traveller's needs, including:

> Airport Transfer
> Car rental
> Excursions and Tours
> Package offers

For any request concerning one of these services, please contact us at