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The capital of north Lebanon. Tripoli is the product of a confederation of three Phoenician cities, Tyre, Sidon and Aradus, thus the name Tripolis or the three cities. It’s the second largest city in Lebanon after Beirut and a very active one. The crusaders built a citadel there in the 12th century that still stands on one of the hills overlooking the ancient Mamelouk souks, the modern city and the sea. The souks have kept their traditionnal feel, and one can still visit many mosques, baths and caravansérails from the Mamelouk and Ottoman periods. Some restoration of these monuments is under course and some traditional crafts of Tripoli like soap manufacturing are being succefully revived. Other crafts have never lost their vitality like the sweets confection which are a must to every visitor to Tripoli !
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